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Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS
Charter flights to Bimini

We are offering speical private air charter flight pricing to Bimini, Bahamas

One-way flight(s) to Bimini is $695.00 plus Departure Taxes and landing fees.

If you mention this web page, we will match ANY OPERATOR'S price.

We look forward to flying you beautiful Bimini, Bahamas and other beautiful Bahamian destinations.

Air Charter Bahamas

Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS
Abaco Islands, Bahamas Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS
Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS Marsh Harbour, Abaco Island, Bahamas
Spanish Cay, Abaco Island, Bahamas
Treasure Cay, Abaco Islands, Bahamas
Walkers Cay, Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS
Andros Island, "the biggest", Bahamas
Andros Town, Andros Island, Bahamas
San Andros, Andros Island, Bahamas
Berry Islands, Bahamas
Chub Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
Great Harbour, Berry Islands, Bahamas
Bimini Islands, Bahamas
South Bimini, Bimini Islands, Bahamas
Cat Island, Bahamas
Hawks Nest, Cat Island, Bahamas
New Bight, Cat Island, Bahamas
Eleuthera Island, Bahamas
Governors Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas
North Eleuthera, Eleuthera Island, Bahamas
Rock Sound, Eleuthera Island, Bahamas
Exumas, Bahamas
Moss Town, Exumas, Bahamas
Grand Bahama Islands, Bahamas
Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas
Long Island, Bahamas
Stella Maris, Long Island, Bahamas
Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
Cuba - The jewel of the Caribbean
Turks & Caicos Islands
Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS


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Airport information Sheet





Air Chater Bahamas - Abaco Island, Bahamas











Air Chater Bahamas - Abaco Island, Bahamas






Tell the Taxi "Albury's Ferry"!


Scheduled Service
Man-O-War - Hope Town - Guana & Scotland

Excursions - Sightseeing - Group Rates

Man-O-War (20 minutes)

Leaving Marsh Harbour for Man-O-War from Albury Ferry Dock
10:30AM, 4:00PM, 5:45PM Daily
12:15PM, 2:30 PM Daily Except Sunday

Leaving Man-O-War for Marsh Harbour Albury Ferry Dock
8:00AM,1:30PM Daily
11:30AM, 3:15 PM Daily Except Sunday

Hope Town (20 minutes)

Leaving Marsh Harbour for Hope Town from Albury Ferry Dock
9:00 AM - 10:30AM - 12:15PM - 2:00PM - 4:00PM - 5:45PM Daily
7:15AM Except Sundays and Holidays

Leaving Hope Town for Marsh Harbour Albury Ferry Dock
8:00AM - 9:45AM - 11:30AM - 1:30PM  - 3:00PM - 4:00PM Daily
5:00PM Daily Except Sundays and Holidays

Guana and Scotland (30 minutes)

Leaving Marsh Harbour for Guana & Scotland Cay* from Conch Inn & Union Jack
10:30AM - 1:15PM - 3:30PM - 5:45PM* Daily
6:45 AM Except Weekends and Holidays from Union Jack Only
*There is a $40 minimum charge for the 5:45 ferry

Leaving Guana & Scotland Cay* for Marsh Harbour Union Jack & Conch Inn
8:00AM - 11:30AM - 2:30PM - 4:45PM Daily

*Scotland Cay Service requires prior notification to Ferry Office (242) 365-6010

One Way: $10.00 (Child $5.00)
Round Trip: $15.00 Same Day (Child $8.00)


Between Marsh Harbour Albury Ferry Dock and Hope Town, White Sound or Man-O-War.
1 -4 passengers $70, addition passengers $15 each

Between Marsh Harbour and Guana Cay
1 - 6 passengers $100, 7or more passengers $15 each

Between Marsh Harbour and Scotland Cay
1 - 5 passengers $85, 6 or more passengers $15 each (East End)
1 - 5passengers $90, 6 or more passengers $15 each (West End)

Note: Leaving before 7AM or after 7PM.

One Way Marsh Harbour and Hope Town, or Man-O-War.
1 - 5 passengers $90, addition passengers $18 each

One Way Marsh Harbour and Guana Cay.
1 - 6passengers $115, addition passengers $18 each

Note: Charter services are available throughout Abaco. Inquire for rates

Excursions available throughout Abaco - Guana Cay, Green Turtle, Treasure Cay...
Inquire at Ferry Office for details (242) 365-6010

Group Rates

Albury's Ferry offers special Group Rates for Excursions, Sightseeing, and Dinner Cruises. Please Inquire at the Ferry Office. (242) 365-6010

Lost Luggage

Unfortunately there are times when you may arrive in Abaco and your luggage doesn't arrive with you*. After you go through the notification process at the airport, come on to the Ferry, your luggage will catch up with you. However we need to know you have lost luggage.

Albury's Ferry will bring your luggage to you on the Cays without charge, but you need to let the captain of your ferry know. He will issue you a "Baggage Claim Ticket" that you will present to claim your luggage when we bring it over.

* It is always a good idea to carry a small bag of essentials with you - medicines, solutions for your contacts, makeup (for Abaco?), toothbrush, bathing suit... enough to get by for a night should your luggage be late.


Pets on the Ferry
Albury's Ferry requires that all animals, with the exception of Seeing Eye Dogs, be transported in carrying cases.


A Little Ferry History
Albury's Ferry began operation on February 18, 1959, the day the airport opened in Marsh Harbour. The first ferry was the "Junonia", a 40 foot Maine built lobster boat. The service was started by Marcell Albury with Ritchie Albury as the first captain. As the service grew additional boats were built of wood at the yards of Edwin Albury on Man-O-War.

The "Ferry" remains a family owned business today with Ralph Albury serving as General Manager. The switch from wood construction to fiberglass began 21 years ago. Today the fleet is made up of ten "Donnies", wide body fiberglass diesel powered boats built to Albury's Ferry specifications in Florida. Our latest, Donnie X, joined the fleet in the Fall of  2002. All ferries are semi-enclosed, licensed and inspected, and operated by experienced and licensed captains. Equipment includes life jackets, VHF radio, fire extinguishing equipment, and first aid supplies. The boats fall into four size catagories, 34', 39', 45' and 51'.


Tell the Taxi "Albury's Ferry"!

Albury's Ferry Service
Man-O-War Cay
(242) 365-6010 Man-O-War Office
(242) 367-3147 Marsh Harbour Office
(242) 365-6487 Fax
"Albury's Ferry" - VHF 16



Air Charter Bahamas - 1.866.FLY.ISLANDS


These forms are in PDF format, readable and printable with Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here to download). Viewable samples can be found several paragraphs below.


Bahamas Aircraft General Declaration Form

Bahamas Aircraft Arrival Report
US Customs Aircraft Arrival Report
Application for US Customs Decal
Bahamas Immigration Card
(only originals accepted)
US Declaration Card
(only originals accepted)


Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour
P.O. Box AB-20669 . Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
(800) 468-4799 . (242) 367-2158 . (242) 367-2819


Abaco Inn
Elbow Cay . The Abacos
(800) 468-8799 . (242) 366-0133 . (242) 366-0133 .


Ambassador Motel
P.O. Box AB-20484
Marsh Harbour, Bahamas


Bahama Beach Club Resort
Phone: 242-365-8950
Fax: 242-365-8316
Bahama Beach Club Resort
P.O. Box AB 22275
Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas


Banyan Beach Club Resort
P.O. Box AB-22158
Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Manager(s): David Stenson
Phone: 242-365-8111
Toll Free: 888-625-3060
Fax: 242-365-8112


Bluff House Beach Hotel
Green Turtle Cay . The Abacos
1-800-745-4911 . (242) 365-4247 . (242) 365-4248 .


Bustick Bight
Marsh Harbour, Abaco


Club Soleil Resort
Hope Town, Abaco


Coco Bay Cottages
P.O. Box AB-22795 . Green Turtle Cay . The Abacos
(800) 752-0166 . (242) 365-5464 . (242) 365-5465 .


Conch Inn Resort & Marina
P.O. Box AB 20469
Marsh Harbour


Crystal Villas & Waters Resort
Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Bahamas

Phone: 242.366-0522
Fax: 321-868-1613


D's Guest House
P.O. Box AB-20655
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas


Different of Abaco
P.O. Box AB-20092 . Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
(800) 688-4752 . (242) 366-2150 . (242) 327-8152 .


Dolphin Beach Resort
Gt. Guana Cay, Abaco


Ekali Resort
Hope Town, Abaco


Gaitor's Inn
The Bight, Moore's Island


Green Turtle Club and Marina
P.O. Box AB-22792 . Green Turtle Cay . The Abacos
(800) 688-4752 . (242) 365-4271 . (242) 365-4272 .


Guana Beach Resort
P. O. Box AB 20474
Guana Cay


Guana Seaside Inn
Crossing Bay . Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
Res: 877-681-3091 . T: 242 365 5106 . F: 242 365 5146 .


Hope Town Harbour Lodge
Hope Town Elbow Cay . The Abacos
(800) 316-7844 . (242) 366-0095 . (242) 366-0286 .


Hope Town Hideaways
One Purple Porpoise Place
P.O. Box AB-20419
Hope Town


Island Bayfront Hotel
Little Grand Cay, Abaco


Island Breezes Motel
P.O. Box AB-20030
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas


Lighthouse Rentals & Marina
Hope Town


Linton Beach & Harbour Cottages
Green Turtle Cay, Abaco


Lofty Fig Villas
Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
(800) 688-4752 . (242) 367-2681 . (242) 367-3385


Moores Island Bonefish Camo
Moore' Island, Abaco

Phone: 242.366-6334
Fax: 242.366-6334

New Plymouth Club & Inn
Green Turtle Cay . The Abacos
(800) 688-4752 . (242) 365-4161 . (242) 365-4138

Ocean Frontier
Great Guana Cay
Abaco, Bahamas

Phone: 888-541-3027
Fax: 519 389-3027


Oeisha's Resort
Sandy Point, Abaco


Orchid Bay Marina
Great Guana Cay, Abaco
Phone: 365-5125
Fax: 365-5166


Pelican Beach Villas
P.O. Box AB-20304 . Marsh Harbour . The Abacos
(800) 642-7268 . T: (242) 367-3600 . F: (912) 654-3303 .


Pete & Gay Guest House
Sandy Point, Abaco


Regattas of Abaco
Marsh Harbour, Abaco


Rickmon Lodge
Sandy Point, Abaco


Schooner's Landing Resort
Man-O-War Cay, Abaco


Sea Level Cottages
Lubbers Quarters Cay, Abaco


Sea Shore Villas
Great Guana Cay, Abaco
Phone: 365-5028
Fax: 365-5083

Sea Spray Resort & Villas
White Sound, Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Telephone: 1-242-366-0065 -- Fax: 1-242-366-0383

Sunset Point Resort
Bustick Bight near Marsh Harbour, Abaco


Tangelo Hotel
Wood Cay Village, Abaco


The Inn at Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay, Abaco


Tip of Tilloo Resort
Tilloo Cay
Abaco, Bahamas


Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina
Treasure Cay Road . Treasure Cay . The Abacos
(800) 327-1584 . (954) 525-7711 . (954) 525-1699 .


Treehouse by The Sea of Abaco
P.O. Box AB-22760
Green Turtle Cay
Abaco, Bahamas


Turtle Hill Cottages
Hope Town, Abaco

The Jib Room
P.O. Box AB 20951
Pelican Shores
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Ph. 242-367-2700
Fax 242-367-2033